- Trail-O Czech Cup 2013, 3rd event
- o-labyrinth event
- TempO event


Orienteering club VŠTJ Stavební Fakulta Praha and DDM Praha 4 - Hobby centrum 4

DATE   April 7 (Sunday), 2013
EVENT CENTRE   Praha-Klánovice, Masaryk Elementary School, Slavětínská 200

8:45 event office opening
9:30-10:30 start trail-O
12:30-14:00 o-labyrinth
14:30-15:30 start tempO
16:45 victory ceremony

ENTRIES   Until Monday April 1st, 23:59:59 via e-mail:
EVENT OFFICE   Event office will be open from 8:45, for whole day.
PARKING   close to the event centre, not organized, not charged
REFRESHMENT, TOILET   in the event centre
START   interval start, without start list (start times will be given at start)
RULES   One timekeeper at timed control points, no referee at control points. For TempO event 45 seconds penalization for wrong answer.
RESULTS   Progress results will be available at the event centre. Best three competitors in all classes will be awarded during the victory ceremony.
INFORMATION, 728 32 30 38 (Pavel Kurfürst),
     trail-O tempO o-labyrint
KATEGORIE   E-Open, E-Para, A-Open, A-Para Open Open, Para
TERRAIN   Large suburban forrest, no climbing, mostly tarmac, assistance will be available on rare messy places. Large suburban forrest, nearly no climbing, forrest paths of variable passability, assistance will be offered. Schoolyard, paved area.
MAP   1:5000, E=2.5 m, ISOM, authors Borovička, Kurfürst, size A4 1:500
PUNCHING   manual   electronic - SportIdent
COURSE PLANNING   18 control points, 2 timed control points
length 2,5 km
7 posts with 3 tasks on each post
length cca 1,5 km
15 control points
DISTANCE TO START   centre-start 700 m centre-start 1100 m,
accessible by car
0 m
ENTRY FEE   100 CZK, children under 15 years 50 CZK
You can pay in cash at the event office.
100 CZK, children under 15 years 50 CZK
You can pay in cash at the event office.
50 CZK
You can pay in cash at the event office.
EVENT DIRECTOR   Tomáš Vopálenský Tomáš Vopálenský Pavel Kurfürst
COURSE SETTER    Magdalena Kurfürstová Pavel Kurfürst Bohuslav Hůlka
COURSE VETTER AND REFEREE   Pavel Kurfürst Magdalena Kurfürstová Pavel Kurfürst